Sep 23, 2017


A rich harvest of tackle                                                                          

Far Eastern companies are now producing high-quality products that really are competing with more traditional brands. 

Taiwanese company Harvest is one firm aiming to become an established brand in its own right.


For many years tackle manufacturers in the Far East were seen as suppliers of value product that was then branded by companies in the west. 

But all that is changing because these manufacturers are now launching their own brands to compete at every level of the marketplace.

One of those doing just that and already enjoying the fruits of its labours - is Harvest Fishing Tackle, based in Taiwan.

It was originally set up in 1987, supplying OEM rods to a range of brands around the world. But last year it decided to branch out and produce its own brand, 

Harvest, which earned instant rewards. At its first International trade show, EFTTEX 2004 in London, the firm scooped the Best New Rod award.

It's a testament to the hard work of boss Vincent Wu, a keen angler and engineer for more than 25 years, whose love of fishing drives his business.

A team of senior technicians and a research and development department alongside sales, production, quality control and shipping staff also surrounds him.

Harvest currently employs 25 people in its rod factory, together with 15 more at its own cork factory that has been producing rod handles and other products for the past 26 years.


Quality at the right price

Vincent believes that it is time for a change in the market and in the way people perceive Far Eastern goods.

He explained: "Nowadays the fishing market is full of cheaper product. In the beginning people may be attracted by their low prices but sooner or later the" will realize that these cheaper products equate to low quality. These items are not what anglers really want.

"Although it's difficult to make high-quality products, especially light and strong rods, with our range of experience we are confident we can do those and still manufacture good quality and affordable products for our customers.

It is my belief that all anglers should be able to fish only with fishing rods that are both light and strong, allowing them to perform to their best, ensuring they can control their fly, make the perfect loop and execute a good cast every time! We want all anglers to enjoy their fishing with Harvest rods and products.


What's on offer

Harvest has a number of key product lines available, both for OEM work and a part of its own brand. The firm has 20 years of OEM experience and can produce all kinds of fishing rods for various disciplines, including fly, sea bass, lure fishing and surfcasting. Its fly rods are the first products it is using to step into the international market.

In addition, Harvest can supply cork handles for fishing rods and other cork products, plus a selection of bamboo items including rod cases, fly boxes and landing-net handles.


What's next?

With a stable local business in Taiwan, the firm is now keen to open the worldwide markets. Fly rods are a start but it will soon be making a selection of other products available, including sea bass, lure and surfcasting rods, plus more items made of bamboo and some other tackle items, too. Currently, Harvest has agents in Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium and Latvia and is now actively seeking distributors for the UK, France and Germany.